Who We Are

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I BLACK General Trading LLC is one of the leading independent distribution companies that owns, markets and distributes a wide selection of products and brands. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Dubai, UAE, our company grew rapidly and this success can be attributed to our strategic vision, insightful product development and an ambition to establish high quality brands in the GCC and African region.

I BLACK has been founded and built on the concept of identifying the right opportunities based on the supply and demand and delivering the goods at the most optimal value while providing customers with the exceptional service. I BLACK is committed to professional approach, meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations, and protecting interests of our Business Partners.

With a unique and highly efficient system, I BLACK is able to provide customized services to several business verticals, for example, Distribution, Wholesale, Export and Retail segments, also deals with a wide range of business aspects including software development, Heavy machinery, Electronics and Electric, Building Materials, real estate, project management ,import and export etc. Our network spreads across KSA(Almuttasil I & II and I BLACK KSA), UAE, Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. We work with people who pride themselves on understanding market dynamics, consumers’ needs and how our brands fit in the particular market, ensuring that both our company and our product range grow organically.

Our central focus is always the needs of our clients, thus allowing us to rightfully earn their trust and respect.


Our Mission
Our principal objective is to market our products and services effectively to others. It reflects our commitment to produce quality products for our clients.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be one of the top trading companies in Smartphones and POS Terminals along with its accessories distribution in the United Arab Emirates and around the globe. To achieve this we have to be innovative in terms of our services, maintain transparency and always uphold our ethics with our customers and suppliers.

Our Values
Partnerships: we strive to form and maintain long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients.
Honesty and Integrity: provide accurate and up to date information to all stakeholders on all aspects of our operation. We communicate openly and appreciate constructive feedback.
Attitude: a can-do attitude where we will always go the extra mile in order to satisfy our partners.